Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Classroom Management Recipes: My Classroom Economy®

This year I have taken a new approach to my classroom management style. Many times throughout the year, teachers find themselves repeating the same expectations over and over until they get so tired they give up on classroom management all together. Instead of allowing myself to get to that point, I researched various methods and came upon the management style called "My Classroom Economy"®. This is owned and operated by The Vanguard Group, Inc., and all materials, concepts, and methods are owned by this group. I, Miss Geisendorfer, own none of this, but have only used the suggested method of The Vanguard Group.

The beautiful aspect of this technique is that it gives all of the responsibility to the students; meaning they functionally run the classroom through an economy we started together as a class. To better suit my students, adaptions were made and so far we are off to a wonderful start. This is the layout we use in my four different English classes.

Each student applies for a job, goes through an interview process, receives a job, is paid monthly according to the job level, pays monthly bills, and saves money. At the end of each quarter, students with money left in their account may participate in a classroom auction to bid on items to keep.

The great thing for teachers is all major forms and paper materials needed for the implementation of this are listed on the classroom economy website, . If a teacher is not organized with this process it will be make it tougher, so I recommend turning a classroom bulletin board into the main hub for your classroom economy.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Classroom Management/Decor Recipe: Our Classroom Tour

The best way to keep students engaged and on-task is by offering a relaxing environment that is visually appealing to kids. Our classroom is bright and cheerful looking, but everything has its place with a specific purpose for my students. Organization also offers a sense of stability for students, and when clutter is around, learners take on that anxiety which in turn can produce unfocused behavior. I use the pronoun "our" because this is "our" classroom. It's not just mine; yes, I may pay for the resources and get everything in place, but the students also take ownership in this environment. When a learner feels invested in a classroom, respect and responsibility will follow. Enjoy this tour of our classroom for this upcoming school year!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Bulletin Board Recipe: Storage- The Life Saver for All Educators

In the last post, I shared a recipe for a new bulletin board I created this year, but as all teachers, I run into the problem of deciding where to store all my items I take off my bulletin board. I am sure all of us have seen the cardboard storage boxes that looks like this:

In fact, I am guessing that most of us teachers actually own one... or two, or three, but the big problem is where to store the storage container. A little ironic for me, but nevertheless it's a problem. Until now that is. Recently on my latest trip to The Best Teacher Supply Store in O'Fallon, Missouri, I ran across a new form of bulletin board storage.

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