Who Am I?

For eight years, I taught 8th grade English in the public school system along with directing the drama program and multiple other duties teachers master in their career. A little over a year ago, I decided that in my heart-of-hearts I wanted more than what teaching had to offer. In realizing this, this educational blog was born, My Classroom Recipes®. This is a resource for all grade levels and all content areas. Each of these resources can be easily adapted by teachers to individualize what would fit in their classrooms best.

For the last fifteen years, I disc jockeyed for a southern-gospel radio station, 91.7 FM, five days a week. I started that venture when I was fifteen and stuck with it for fifteen years to help subsidize all the costs that come with a classroom. From classroom decor to infinite pancake parties, a teacher's budget never seems to be quite what they imagined. 

Currently in my career, I am an Innovative Learning Specialist- offering instruction to teachers in the realm of technology. With the technology integration being at the forefront at most public school systems, my position allows educators the ability to have someone to reach out to when they have an idea to integrate technology, but may need a lending hand with the application. I also act as an adjunct professor for a university instructing education majors in educational tests and measurement.

One of my proudest accomplishments in my career is having received the WGEM Golden Apple Teacher award in 2013. As many of us know, teaching is a very thankless job, which is why validation from our coworkers, administrators, or even students warms a teacher's heart. I also am an Apple Certified Teacher and Apple Education Trainer qualifying me to educate other teachers in the field of Apple products.

In my personal life, I am a wife to my farmer, Chris. Along with our basset hound, Daisy, we are working on building our home together, surviving farm life, and just enjoying what God has blessed us with. Speaking of blessings, the Lord gave us a beautiful little girl named Mandy. We couldn't be more happy with her and thankful for our daughter. Being a mom is the best thing that has ever happened to me.