Who Am I?

Known to the world as Jayme Geisendorfer, but to my students "Miss G" suits me just fine. Currently, I teach 8th grade English at a middle school in Missouri. For the last five years, I also directed the drama program, but decided to take a break and focus on the development of this educational blog and website. As I enter into my eighth year of teaching, I have not only learned more about being an effective teacher, but also how to survive the stress that accompanies the art of teaching (in a public school). 

Along with teaching, I also disc jockey for a southern-gospel radio station, 91.7 FM, five days a week. I started that venture when I was fifteen and still stick with it since teaching seems to require more money than others actually think. From food parties to classroom decor, a teacher constantly finds themselves in a position of spending money. Another out-of-school job I maintain is teaching as an adjunct professor for Hannibal-LaGrange University; this has broadened my experiences as an educator even more.

My church also plays a big role in my life with singing on the praise and worship team and directing the children programs. Church offers a place of solace when the craziness of a public school ensues. Without God's grace and blessings, I would definitely not be in the place I am today, and there are many days when it is only by his grace that I hold onto my sanity after a demanding day of teaching.

One of my proudest accomplishments in my career is having received the WGEM Golden Apple Teacher award in 2013. As many of us know, teaching is a very thankless job, which is why validation from our coworkers, administrators, or even students warms a teacher's heart. I also am an Apple Certified Teacher qualifying me to educate other teachers in the field of Apple products.

When I am not in the classroom or working at one of my other jobs, I am usually with friends, family, or my fiance, Chris. Their support and shenanigans make times more enjoyable while adding a sort of beautifulness to this crazy thing called life.



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