Bulletin Board Recipe: Literary Showers

There is nothing I love more than a fantastically whimsical bulletin board, and the bulletin boards this year are some of my best work.

The literary showers bulletin board is a very simple one for any educator to do. The following materials will be needed: background paper, border, various colors of construction paper, tape, fishing line, bulletin board letters, two medium size binder clip, paper clip, ceiling hook, and an umbrella. This board took roughly over an hour to make, but a large part of that was developing the correct way to hang the umbrella.

Somewhere Between Sharpened Pencils and Clorox Wipes

Well, the time has come again to slowly start seeing summer as a distant memory and realize that class bells will soon be ringing, but before that happens, the classroom has to be put back together, cleaned and decorated just the right way. Before a teacher can truly get back into the excitement of school, the five stages of grief must happen.

1.Denial- At the start of July, I had just finished teaching summer school and realized that I had about three weeks left until I needed to go back to work in the classroom. There was absolutely no way summer was disappearing this quickly.