Bulletin Board Recipe: Storage- The Life Saver for All Educators

In the last post, I shared a recipe for a new bulletin board I created this year, but as all teachers, I run into the problem of deciding where to store all my items I take off my bulletin board. I am sure all of us have seen the cardboard storage boxes that looks like this:

In fact, I am guessing that most of us teachers actually own one... or two, or three, but the big problem is where to store the storage container. A little ironic for me, but nevertheless it's a problem. Until now that is. Recently on my latest trip to The Best Teacher Supply Store in O'Fallon, Missouri, I ran across a new form of bulletin board storage.

This storage bag that is vinyl on the back and plastic on the front, allows all the items to be laid in an organized fashion without damaging any of the materials.

The main thing I love about this product is the easy-to-store aspect. All I do is stack all my bulletin board bags on top of one of my cabinets, and viola: clean, organized, and takes up zero space my students need in my classroom.