Feeling Stretched is a Form of Exercise

To some, teachers can be looked at as a person who gets their summers and weekends off, but to anyone who has a personal relationship with an educator, they see teachers are the most elastic humans on the planet. As a woman, naturally we feel pulled in multiple directions as our minds swirl with hundreds of tasks to do along with the puzzling question of what shoes will match my outfit tomorrow with the sharp reminder to pay the electric bill. I don't know if maybe it is just me, but how long can one person feel stretched in life before they break. Even a rubber band has a maximum elasticity range before it snaps. Ever notice that more than not, those episodes of Snapped show the woman losing their mind? They should do a brief mini series of that show "Teacher Edition". There probably wouldn't be too many episodes in that series due to the fact that they are teachers. Teachers know how to juggle, figuratively (bonus points if you are literally an educator who can juggle).

The school year has started and the teachers are flooded with Student Learning Objectives, Professional Development Growth Plans, lesson plans, technology integration, surveys, and don't forget the grading of those assignments to keep them warm at night- 0h wait, then there is actually teaching. Notice none of those things even mentioned the laundry, dinner that needs cooked, or the child who wants snuggles tonight. Where does a personal life fit in? Everyone has their secret recharge that they tell no one about, but in that slight instance it is just them- no family member screaming their name, no phones ringing, just a moment that is solely theirs. Do yourself a favor tonight, take 5 minutes to just be by yourself. Even if that means locking yourself in the bathroom to sit in silence to eat those Oreos you told your husband were gone. And yes, they're double stuffed Oreos.