Substitute Lesson Plans

Dearest Substitute,
Please use the sub binder left on my desk; this will be your source for all duties, procedures, and picture explanations on how to run all aspects of my classroom. Located on this page is the video or plan left for you to follow for the classes. Let the dates be your guide and follow all instructions. Thank you much!

Sub Binder: This binder will offer you anything you need to know to be my substitute. Please pay attention to the duties, i.e. lunch duty, to see if there is something extra you need to do. All drill information is also provided.

Attendance- The charts on the white board with lists of names show who is not here. If there are magnets left by a name once the bell rings, give 1 verbal reminder about the attendance magnets. If the magnet is still there, then the student is probably absent. (Please leave me a note of all the absences)

**If you need rosters for each class for emergency reasons, there are lists for each class in the pocket of this binder.

Projector: The remote is the small gray one. Push the green ON button and the projector will beep and the green light will come on.

Behavior: Students are trying to earn classroom money so please let me know how the students behave.

Signal: All my classes respond to silence signals. Say “Red Robin” they respond with “yum”.

Lights: My class never uses the ceiling lights, but we use multiple lamps since it keeps my students calm and focused. There are 4 switches that will need turned on. Please make sure these are turned off at the end of the day. Wouldn’t want them left on all night. Logan or Gracie are great students to refer to during advisory when turning off the lights. There are only 4 switches to turn them on/off, so please only turn off those four switches,

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